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Personal Training


  • Help relieve stress and aids relaxation
  • Vary your exercise routine
  • Learn to use equipment correctly and safely

Our Personal Trainers Will:

  • Customize a fitness program for clients of all ages and abilities to help you meet your individual goals
  • Structure a fitness program to aid weight loss, incorporating cardiovascular and strength training elements
  • Utilize a wide range of fitness equipment, such as stability balls, medicine balls, and resistance tubing
  • Give priority to your safety

Small Group Training:

  • Same benefits as personal training
  • Being part of a small group can make working out more fun
  • Paying less than private training with similar results
  • Have a set day and time for exercise (no excuses!)
  • Have an opportunity to try new equipment and exercises that can change up your exercise program

For more information call or come in.

Our Personal Trainers:


Orientation Training - Half Hour Session

  • 1 Session $55

Condensed Training: Sessions are Half Hour

  • 1 Session $55
  • 10 Sessions $500

Fit Training: Sessions are 1-Hour

  • 1 Session $70
  • 3 Sessions $195
  • 10 Sessions $600
  • Add-on $25/person to 1 Session Rate

Small Group Training: Sessions are 1-Hour

  • 10 session Punch Card $250
  • Drop-in 1 session $28
  • Cards expire 3 months after purchase

* All personal training packages expire 3 months after date of purchase and they are not transferable.
** Failure to give 24 hours notice of cancellation may result in a charge.